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Luxury Press Release

Susie has completed specialized training and builds expertise in the luxury real estate market.
The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing’s training gives real estate professionals the
knowledge, skills and resources to effectively serve affluent clients.

Susie has completed Luxury Home Marketing training offered by The Institute for Luxury Home
Marketing, the premier independent authority in training and designation for real estate agents
working in the luxury residential market. Real estate professionals who complete this training
build the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to support the unique needs of affluent buyers
and sellers of high-end properties.

The completion of this focused training also provides Susie with membership into The Institute,
which connects her to exclusive resources and benefits that she can use to successfully market
her client’s luxury residential listings and find qualified buyers for high-end properties.

“Institute members represent the most qualified and skilled luxury real estate professionals in
their respective markets,” said Diane Hartley, general manager of The Institute. “They
understand the unique needs of high net worth individuals when it comes to listing and selling
luxury estates and have access to extensive network of successful luxury agents made possible
by The Institute.”

“The training provided me with insight into new marketing techniques, and provided valuable
networking contacts with other agents who specialize in luxury,” said Susie.

For more information about the luxury market, contact Susie at 704-737-4129.