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Looking to buy or sell a home in the picturesque Lake Norman area? Meet Susie Skog, your go-to partner for all your real estate needs. With her wealth of experience, unwavering dedication to clients, and impressive track record, Susie is the perfect ally to help you navigate the Lake Norman real estate scene.

Having lived in the Lake Norman area for over 25 years, Susie has extensive hyper-local knowledge. Her representation of a dynamic real estate portfolio requires discretion and specific expertise.

Susie is a real estate professional with Keller Williams. Susie has earned The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing’s Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) designation in recognition of experience, knowledge, and expertise in high-end residential properties. Susie has proven performance in buying and selling high-end homes. She has earned an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) Designation, Green Designation, Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA), and Seniors Real Estate Specialist ® (SRES) Designation, and a certified Online Luxury Marketing Specialist. In addition, Susie is a member of the Keller Williams Sports and Entertainment division.

Whether you’re seeking a bustling urban environment or a peaceful lakeside retreat, Susie will guide you to the perfect location that matches your preferences and needs.

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Susie Skog specializes in helping home sellers find buyers for their house. She utilizes the best technology and marketing strategies to help her clients to sell their house at the price they will be satisfied with. Read on to see how she can help you sell your house.


Susie Skog works with her clients to provide them with the best service in the industry. Her extensive knowledge in the area of buying homes will help you find the property that you’re always dreaming of. Read on to learn how she can help you find the best home for you.
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Real Estate Home Tips

Creating a Nursery Oasis for You and Your Baby

February 25, 2024

Designing a nursery can be a sentimental experience and even overwhelming if its your first baby. A vital factor to keep in mind when designing a nursery is it should be a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Once your baby is a toddler, you can redesign the space to better reflect his or her interests. But for now, a nursery should be a calming oasis, so you can soak in the baby cuddles, and most importantly, be an environment that begets sleep. Read on to learn how to create a soothing nursery retreat that both you and your baby can enjoy.

Safety Above All
The rooms safety is of utmost importance when designing a nursery. The crib is typically the focal point and it should be visible from the doorway. It’s best not to include items hanging over the crib, glass top tables and sharp edges in your nursery design scheme. Round furniture, upholstered pieces, soft rugs, covered outlets and hidden cords should be your priority. To add extra interest to the room and to captivate your babys attention, wallpapering the ceiling will give them something to observe while eliminating any temptations to grab potentially hazardous items.

Strategically Selected Furniture
A stylish daybed can be a life-saver during the early days of sleepless nights. It is streamlined to be tucked into a corner and can give you a place to catch some sleep if your baby is waking up frequently.

An oversized ottoman offers a host of benefits to a nursery. An ottoman gives you a place to rest your feet during late-night feedings. You can also use it to change your babys diaper during the early months. Additionally, an ottoman can serve as additional storage for the abundance of baby blankets you will inevitably accumulate. When your baby begins to explore walking, he or she can use it for extra balance and to gain confidence.

Window Treatments
The gift of sleep"for both you and your baby"is priceless. Invest in motorized window shades and layers with black-out curtains to ensure the room stays extra dark and to add softness to the room. Using a French return rod will allow the curtains to wrap around the window, ensuring any remaining slivers of light are blocked when hanging curtains.

Skip the Baby Furniture
Other than a crib, select pieces that have more longevity. For example, an investment dresser instead of a changing table will allow you to incorporate it into the rooms design scheme as your child grows up. Simply adding a changing cushion and basket for changing essentials is all you need to transform the surface into a changing table.

Storage Solutions
As sweet as they are, babies can be messy and accumulate many things. So whether you build a custom closet they can grow into, or you have an ample amount of baskets and storage solutions readily accessible, having an organization system is vital for your own relaxation.

The baby years are short and can be very challenging. Creating a soothing escape for your baby can relieve the stressors that come with newborn days.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

4 Reasons to Love Living in a Golf Community

February 24, 2024

For many people, golf is more than a game: its a lifestyle. If this sounds like you, then youre probably well aware that nothing beats living behind the gates of a golf community with an immaculately maintained private course at your disposal. The reality, however, is thats not the only benefit to be found when residing in these exclusive enclaves. If youre not sold on the idea just yet, here are a few additional perks that can be enjoyed in these communities.

Natural Beauty
You dont have to be a golfer to soak up the picturesque views over the links. Anyone who appreciates being surrounded by nature and beautifully landscaped grounds will find a sense of serenity in these neighborhoods. After experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city for years, an abundance of peace and quiet is always a welcomed change for an urban dweller. The only sounds youre likely to hear from the terrace are the birds chirping.

Privacy and Security
These days, privacy can feel like the ultimate luxury, and for many homebuyers, its a top priority. Living within a golf community typically means that access is restricted to residents and their guests, which means that youll have an extra layer of security in your neighborhood. With all the uncertainty in the world right now, this is proving to be a very appealing feature for high-end buyers.

Active Lifestyle
Theres usually much more than just golf to be found in these communities. If youre the type who likes to get outside and move around, youll appreciate having access to a well-rounded list of activities. Walking trails, tennis courts and swimming pools are just a few ways you can expect to spend your leisure time in the outdoors.

Luxury Amenities
After a day spent on the course, youll find no shortage of amenities to treat yourself to. At todays best golf communities, you can head to the full-service wellness center and unwind with a massage before driving the golf cart home or enjoy an evening of fine dining without leaving your neighborhood.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

Scandinavian Home Design Guide: What It Is, How to Get It, Where to Shop

February 23, 2024

Scandinavian design embraces minimalism and simplicity, creating a serene vibe. In a Scandinavian-designed space, wood floors, white walls and light neutrals, such as white and pale gray, are typically the foundation. This neutral aesthetic is highlighted by textured accessories, such as luxe, tonal knots and furniture with simple, clean lines. Read on to learn more about the Scandinavian home decor style.

What is Scandinavian Design?
Scandinavian design goes beyond IKEA and hygge. Scandinavian design aims to improve your overall well-being. Natural hardwood or white floors help brighten the space and the furniture is focused on function. Light-soaked spaces are also a hallmark of Scandinavian design, so window treatments are sheer to allow light to shine through the home.

Scandinavian design focuses on natural materials, functionality and simplicity, to focus on the minimalist, elegant aesthetic.

Scandinavian Furniture

  • Scandinavian furniture typically has simple, clean-lined silhouettes.

Scandinavian Colors

  • Neutral colors are the foundation of a Scandinavian decor scheme, but color accentuates the space. Colors may include dark blue, gray, green or brown. The nature-inspired shades contribute to creating an all-over cozy space.

Scandinavian Accents

  • While Scandinavian decor is minimal, it is far from cold and stark. Soft textiles, such as wool, sheepskin and mohair create warmth as well as add visual interest.
  • Scandinavian decor balances minimalism and comfort. While furniture may be streamlined, layering rugs, stacking linen cushions, or draping sheepskin blankets will keep the space cozy.

How to Create a Scandinavian Space
Designing a Scandinavian-inspired space means starting with a neutral foundation and layering in textural textiles and small amounts of color.

To create a Scandinavian-inspired space:

  1. Begin with bare wood floors, white walls and windows that allow ample light to shine through.
  2. Add furniture in clean-lined silhouettes, neutral colors and an abundance of textiles.
  3. Remember that form always follows function in a Scandinavian decor plan.

Where to Shop for Scandinavian Pieces
A home that embraces the Scandinavian decor style blends minimalism with comfort. Below are tried-and-true retailers that have an affinity for Scandinavian home decor.

  • Skageraks extensive inventory would let you add Scandinavian flair to every area of your home.
  • by Lassen is a Danish design company that sells nearly unlimited Scandinavian products
  • Ferm Living is a one-stop shop for Scandinavian decor pieces.

If youre looking to create a Scandinavian space, follow this guide to create a home designed around wood floors, white walls, light neutrals and plenty of light.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

How to Design a Bedroom That's Modern and Cozy

February 23, 2024

Many homeowners are hesitant to install too much technology in the bedroom. After all, doing so can easily make your sleeping space feel impersonal or cold. When done correctly, however, its possible to harness the best of modern living while still keeping your bedroom cozy and inviting. Here are a few tips for doing just that.

High-Tech Window Treatments
Theres no denying that the right window treatments can warm up any room, both literally and visually. Whether you have blinds, shades or drapes, a smart system will allow you to take complete control via your mobile device so you can open them up without getting out of bed. You can even set a schedule to wake up to natural light each morning.

Smart Bulbs
Smart lights can also be controlled through your phone, but the benefits dont end there. With the right bulbs, you can even adjust the color temperature as needed. From a gentle glow to a full-spectrum of vibrant shades, there are endless possibilities to match your mood.

Discreet Media
Most people like being able to watch TV from their beds, yet a large screen can be an unwanted focal point when not in use. One solution is to conceal it with a cabinet or pop-up system. Another option is to go with a TV that has gallery mode and can display your favorite painting to brighten up the room when youre not using it.

Smart Fireplace
On a cold evening, theres nothing like having a gas fireplace to warm up your bedroom and create a cozy ambience. Even more convenient, though, is one that can be controlled on your mobile device, so you can turn it on from anywhere in the house and retire to a toasty bedroom each evening.

Smart Mattresses
Your mattress probably isnt the first thing that comes to mind when you think of smart home technology. However, todays high-tech beds, like the Sleep Number Smart Bed, are able to absorb and redistribute heat in order to maintain optimal temperatures while youre sleeping. For those who start off cold and then get too hot later in the night, a smart mattress will make an ideal addition to your bedroom.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

How to Emphasize The Elements of Live, Work and Play in Your Home

February 21, 2024

No matter where your home is located or how its decorated, its essential that it helps you to live, work and play at your very best.

For those in search of their next home, heres how to make sure it will set you up to thrive in each way.


Your home should support every aspect of your life, from a gourmet kitchen where you can cook memorable meals to a state-of-the-art home gym that supports a healthy lifestyle.


Take the time to identify your ideal work setup. That might mean having a study room for the kids, as well as thoughtfully designed home offices.


Your home should cater to how you spend your free time. Whether you want to lounge around a pool or have a family movie night in a home theater, its all about having the right features.

Published with permission from RISMedia.