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4 Iconic Architectural Styles for Beach Homes

April 22, 2024

A beach home is all about rest and relaxation, but if theres one thing to worry yourself with before you feel the sand between your toes, its finding the right architectural style for your seaside getaway. From coast to coast, there are plenty of luxurious designs you can look to for inspiration, but here are just a few of the more popular styles that youll find along the beach.

Coastal Contemporary
With sweeping lines and large walls of glass, contemporary homes are a perfect fit for capturing far-ranging views on the waterfront. While there are certainly more traditional options, theres just something about the juxtaposition of striking contemporary architecture and natural scenery that creates a unique visual experience.

The influences of Mediterranean architecture can be spotted along practically any stretch of coastline in the United States. With its red-tiled roofs and stucco walls, this classic style is undoubtedly among the most popular when it comes to luxury waterfront real estate. If you want to bask in Old World elegance, theres likely no better choice than Mediterranean-style.

Cape Cod
A Cape Cod-style home clad in weathered shingles is about as classic as it gets when it comes to beach residences that exude casual elegance. Although most prevalent in its place of origin"Cape Cod, Massachusetts"this iconic architectural style is a beloved option thats found all across the country. All you need are some sandy dunes and a salty breeze for this type of architecture to blend right into its surroundings.

From the Bahamas to Barbados, Caribbean-style architecture can take on many different appearances depending on where you look. There is, however, a common vernacular thanks to the shared influences found throughout the Caribbean that often combine elements of British, Dutch, African and Indigenous architectural styles. Today, youre likely to find Caribbean-style homes from Key West to California, often exhibiting extensive use of bright colors, natural stone and thoughtful design that captures a coastal breeze throughout.

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Small Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home

April 21, 2024

Whether you move into a new, custom build or a 100-year old house, it simply doesnt feel like home until youve added the touches that make your home uniquely you. Maybe your home was custom designed before you moved in, or perhaps youre planning on slowly redesigning it over time. Whichever your scenario, there are a few easy ways to make the house feel like yours, even if you just moved in. Read on to learn some small ways to make a new house feel like home.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint
In a new house, you can approach a fresh coat of paint in several ways. For example, if youre not sure of the design direction for your new home, or youre waiting on an interior designer to help you, painting the entire house white can help you envision a new design scheme for your new house. Or, if you already know the design direction you want to take, you can schedule the painters after your closing date and before your move-in date.

Display Art and Photos
While you may not be ready to immediately hang art on the walls, displaying family photos and smaller art pieces on table surfaces can bring some familiarity into a new space. Keep all your larger framed art pieces in one area, so you can begin to hang them as youre ready.

Focus on the Bedrooms
It can be tempting to tackle the main living spaces first, but having the bedrooms set up and the closets unpacked can bring an overall sense of peace and organization. Going to sleep in a functional, orderly bedroom and waking up to an organized closet can help facilitate a better nights sleep, where you can wake up and be ready to tackle a day of unpacking the rest of the house. Organizing the childrens rooms will also go a long way in helping them feel secure and settled in their new home.

Cater to Your Senses
When you first move in, incorporate the scents and sounds that feel like home to you. For example, light your favorite candles and turn on your favorite music. Igniting these familiar smells and melodies can help you relax and feel at home.

Create Immediate Order
Moving to a new house often comes with plenty of chaos. Between running out for last-minute errands, scheduling the cable company and stepping over piles of boxes, you can quickly feel like youre losing control. So create an area of the house where you keep your wallet, keys, sunglasses or any other items you need immediate access to when youre running in and out. Its a small way to regain some control amid the chaos.

Celebrate Your Fresh Start
Make your first meal in your new home special. Whether its as a homemade pizza, celebrate the start of your fresh start by cooking and enjoying a home-cooked meal together in your new kitchen.

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4 Exciting Features of Federal-Style Homes

April 20, 2024

If youre interested in purchasing a Federal-style home, here are a few things to get excited about.

Steeped in History

Although heavily influenced by Georgian architecture brought over by the British, it evolved to become the first architectural movement in this country.

Understated Exteriors

Ornamentation was typically limited to Palladian windows and an elliptical fanlight window above the main entrance.

Classical Details

These homes incorporate scaled-down characteristics of classical Roman and Greek architecture, like columns, arches and cornices, as well as hand-carved moldings.

Sense of Scale

Federal-style homes are more intimately sized than previous architectural movements and embody the rare combination of simplicity and sophistication.

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Butler's Pantry Design Ideas

April 19, 2024

A butlers pantry is a functional space that connects the kitchen to the dining room and an area where the creative possibilities are endless. The butlers pantry traditionally was a space for food prep and serving ware storage. However, its evolved into an area that can serve as a secondary kitchen, storage space, bar, prep station and pantry. If youre looking to design a butlers pantry, read on for inspiration on making the space work best for your home.

Include Extra Appliances
Including a second set of appliances, such as an oven, a refrigerator or refrigerator drawers, or an espresso machine, can be an asset if you entertain often. These extra appliances will save you additional trips to the kitchen and be helpful if your primary appliances are in use.

Add Extra Storage
Adding floor-to-ceiling cabinets and drawers will make the butlers pantry the most functional space in the house. If you dont need room for food prep, you can maximize this space for additional storage. It will store bulky appliances, dry goods and serving ware. Incorporating open shelving allows for easier access for added convenience.

Incorporate Ample Counter Space
If you plan on using the butlers pantry for its traditional use, incorporate plenty of counter space to prepare and plate the food, as well as to store platters of non-perishable food before your guests arrival.

Create Indoor-Outdoor Access
A butlers pantry with exterior access combines the indoors and outdoors and provides a space for food prep before grilling and dining outside. In addition, this space can store your grilling utensils and outdoor serving ware, making it easy to dine alfresco.

Design a Secondary Kitchen
If you have a busy household and everyone always seems to be in the kitchen simultaneously, turn the butlers pantry into a secondary kitchen. Including a microwave, sink, counter space and oven will end fighting over kitchen space and will be an added convenience when you entertain.

Choose a Pocket Door
Selecting a pocket door will keep the butlers pantry private from the dining room while saving space. If you choose a door that swings in and out, it will take up valuable space in this small area.

Include Wine Refrigerators
Adding wine refrigerators to the butlers pantry gives you easy access to wine, which can be valuable during long dinner parties. Being able to get a bottle of wine from the butlers pantry will save you a trip to the wine cellar or bar.

Add Personality
While a butlers pantry is primarily a utilitarian space, injecting your personality will make it a space you enjoy. Select a palette you’re drawn to, whether its dark and moody or light and airy. It can also be a place to display your favorite family photos, memories and treasured pieces of art. Youll be surrounded by imagery you love while completing mundane tasks.

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Best Green Paint Colors for Every Home

April 18, 2024

Drenching your walls in green is like bringing a little bit of nature inside your home. Green paint can instantly introduce serenity, drama or energy into a space, depending on the shade you select. Green also pairs beautifully with various colors, especially jewel tones, blues and neutrals ranging from cream to black. Read on for a curated list of the best green paint colors to accommodate every shade of green.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage
A color in Benjamin Moores Historic Collection, Saybrook Sage is a refined, elegant pale green that seamlessly integrates into both traditional or contemporary spaces. Its a timeless color with warm undertones that are visually calming and perfect for open floor plans.

Where to use it: Saybrook Sage creates a serene vibe throughout the main level of an open concept home.

Benjamin Moore Sage Tint
A beautiful light shade of green, Benjamin Moore Sage Ting is a classic, elegant color. Its timeless versatility makes it a perfect shade for nearly any space in the home.

Where to use it: Sage Tint can be a beautiful color throughout the house, ranging from the foyer to a bedroom.

Benjamin Moore Flora
A rich, mid-tone green, Benjamin Moore Flora has an earthy feel that is warm and welcoming. Its organic quality perfectly complements both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Where to use it: Flora creates a calming effect in a bedroom.

Farrow & Ball Trerom
This dark grey-green hue has a traditional feel but also complements elements of contemporary spaces. Farrow & Ball Trerom works well in spaces adorned with antique wood and bricks, and minimal metals and light wood tones.

Where to use it: Trerom brings sophistication to a dining room.

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green
This cool sage green has blue and gray undertones and can be interpreted as neutral. Sherwin Williams Pewter Green pairs well with creamy whites and taupes. It also pairs beautifully with golds, pale blues or steel blue.

Where to use it: Pewter Green looks gorgeous on kitchen cabinets.

Farrow & Ball Green Smoke
A dark and smoky green, Farrow & Ball Green Smoke is a green-blue that evokes calm and serenity into your interiors. It pairs well with off-white and creams.

Where to use it: Green Smoke is perfect for a timeless living room.

Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue
This rich, bold dark green makes a statement in any room. Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue is a masculine shade yet has a calming effect. Its warm undertones pair beautifully with varying wood tones and warm brass. In addition, it pairs well with warm grays, creamy white and for high-contrast, a soft blue.

Where to use it: Vintage Vogue is an excellent choice for a study or library or a naturally dark space, such as a basement.

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