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Why Historic Districts Make Great Neighborhoods

December 4, 2023

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3 Tips to Design a Meditation Space at Home

December 3, 2023

Here are three tips for designing a meditation area at home.

Pick the Right Location

All it really takes is a small room or quiet alcove, however, if you have a tranquil view to help you settle into a relaxing mindset, thats certainly a bonus.

Create a Zen-Like Atmosphere

A simple cushion or mat where you can sit comfortably is all youll really need, but a few plants and objects can contribute to the ambience.

Tap the Senses

Another way to make this a tranquil space is to tap into your senses with warm lighting, relaxing aromas and peaceful sounds.

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4 Storage Ideas for the Perfect Dressing Room

December 2, 2023

The dressing room has quickly become a must-have feature for luxury homeowners. These spaces often set themselves apart from a typical walk-in closet in size and scale, with ample room to take your time while picking out and putting on the perfect outfit each day. Of course, they also hold much more than just your wardrobe. If youre looking to design the perfect dressing room, here are a few exciting storage ideas to ensure it has a designated space for everything.

Watch Drawer
As any watch collector will tell you, storing your timepieces carefully is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping them from getting damaged. While one option is to keep each watch in the original box it came in, its not always the most convenient or space-efficient method. Thats why homeowners who have more than a few watches to choose from will often have a special drawer designed specifically to hold their collection.

Handbag Display
Handbags are a prized possession that you probably dont want to just throw in any old drawer or cabinet. In many of todays most luxurious dressing rooms, theres a special section just for handbags, so you can put them on display with custom shelves and built-in LED lights that will help to pick just the right one to complement your outfit.

Built-in Jewelry Case
Sometimes, your standard jewelry organizer isnt going to cut it. For those with a large collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, a built-in jewelry display case is the perfect solution that makes it easy to keep everything organized. For extra security, you can even opt for a jewelry safe thats designed with drawers and display cases with locks for the ultimate peace of mind.

Tie Drawer
Hanging your ties is probably the easiest way to store them without taking up much space, but over time, it could cause permanent wrinkles and creases. For this reason, rolling them is usually considered the preferred method of storage. This will keep your neckpieces in good condition and, if you have enough room for it, having a tie drawer in your dressing room will keep you looking your best each day.

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5 Things to Know Before Selling Your Home Furnished

December 1, 2023

Some buyers will want to purchase more than just a home: they want everything in it. From the rugs to the artwork hanging on the walls, they want it all. Of course, navigating this situation can be a challenge for the seller because it makes the transaction that much more complicated. When it works out, however, it can certainly be beneficial for both sides. If youre considering selling your home furnished, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Identify the Price
It helps to start by working with your agent to come up with the price of your home unfurnished, which will be simpler to calculate. From there, they can assist you in determining the added value of your furnishings and youll essentially have a second price for your home if buyers are interested in purchasing it furnished. If youve worked with a professional interior designer or decorator, be prepared for the fact that the added value might not meet the amount that you put into it. Nonetheless, its still possible to come out ahead.

Added Appeal
There are numerous situations where selling a house furnished can make it significantly more appealing to buyers. It presents them with the opportunity to move in right away and not have to worry about decorating an entire home. This is especially enticing in rural or remote locations where it can be a burden to transport all of their furniture. By sweetening the offer and making your home available furnished, its possible to sell it quicker and reduce the carrying costs.

It can also be more convenient for the seller. For example, if your furniture was custom-made for the house, it will probably be a challenge to figure out where to put it after you sell the property. Furthermore, once the home has sold, your only other option might be to put everything in storage.

Make Exclusions
One of the most important parts of selling a home furnished is identifying whats not included. There are always going to be items that youre not willing to part with because they carry sentimental value. Your agent should make this crystal clear from the outset when buyers come to view your property, as this will help to avoid any confusion later on.

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Second Home

November 30, 2023

Purchasing a second residence is always a significant decision, especially if you intend to use it as a vacation home. Of course, there are many considerations to take into account beforehand, not the least of which is accounting for the associated costs of owning multiple properties for personal use. When you feel fully prepared to start looking for a second home, here are several additional factors to consider.

Cater to Your Lifestyle
While your primary residence likely caters to essential aspects of your daily life, such as proximity to schools and jobs, luxury buyers often seek a second home that supports their personal interests and provides access to a coveted lifestyle. Whether that means living in a golf community, in the mountains, or along the coast, this home should provide you and your family with a place to make special memories.

Are you willing to hop on a plane every time you go to your vacation property? Or is it essential that it be a car ride away? Its important to consider how, and how often, you plan to use this home. If you anticipate it being used for extended stays, perhaps youre willing to travel a bit further, whereas youll probably want a weekend destination to be closer to your main residence.

Seasonal or Year-Round
For some buyers, a deciding factor when choosing between two locations can be the amount of usage that theyll get out of the home. While some properties can only be enjoyed for part of the year, one that has year-round appeal will allow you to get the most out of it.

Long Term Goals
Be sure to discuss how this property aligns with your long term goals with your financial planner. Whether you see it as a short-term investment or a place where you can retire someday, a second home is a significant asset that can help you to achieve your financial goals.

Work With a Local Specialist
Make sure that your real estate agent has proven experience in the area. Second home markets can be significantly different from a primary market, even if they are just a car ride away, which is why its always recommended to work with a professional who has an intimate understanding of the location that youre looking in.

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